Sharp Thai to Penetrate EEC Market, Set to Achieve 10% Growth from Electronics Products Catering to Office Needs at All Levels

Sharp Thai’s subsidiary, Sharp Diverse Business Solutions (SDBS), is poised to penetrate the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) market with its “SMART-CONNECT-SECURE” concept. It offers electronic products that cater to office needs at all levels. The company launches four sales offices, covering the entire Eastern region and aims to elevate the standard of after-sales service through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which enables real-time service tracking. SDBS targets to achieve a 10% increase in sales this year.


Mr. Shuhei Arai, Sharp Thai Managing Director, said that after the business integration of Sharp Thai Co., Ltd., NEC Display Solutions Ltd. (NDS), and Sharp Diverse Business Solutions Co., Ltd. (SDBS), a new business dimension has emerged, equipping Sharp with comprehensive capabilities and a forward-looking vision. Combining innovation and strong expertise, Sharp is now ready to penetrate the industrial estates in the eastern region including Rayong, Chonburi, and Chachoengsao or the areas in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The company emphasizes the “SMART-CONNECT-SECURE” concept, which caters to the diverse needs of modern offices, offering electronic products for office uses such as multi-function printers (MFP), interactive whiteboards (IWB), projectors, PC Monitors, and Dynabook Laptops. With an accelerated market approach, Sharp aims to collaborate with major manufacturers in the EEC industrial estates, targeting a 10% increase in sales.

Mr. Shuhei Arai

In addition to the product features that meet all customer needs, the company also has confidence in its subsidiary who has over 15 years of experience and is recognized for professionalism and reliability in providing Office Solutions products to customers in the industrial and government sectors. They also provide excellent after-sales service through their offices in four provinces: Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, and Prachinburi, covering the entire Eastern region. Customers will receive problem resolution within 4 hours. The company provides service through the DCRM system, which allows real-time checking of repair data through the website from when customers report a repair request to when the technician arrives at the site. Once the service is completed, an auto email alert will be sent to the customer to close the job every time, which helps reduce the issue of tracking repairs between customers and technicians. In addition, customers can also access the repair history records.

For the marketing concept “SMART – CONNECT – SECURE”, the term “SMART” encompasses various aspects. It includes a modern and visually appealing design that can match the office’s color scheme. It also refers to being energy-efficient with a standby mode that consumes only 0.3 watts, which is less than charging a mobile phone. Additionally, it emphasizes the capability to connect with various software through SHARP Open System Architecture (OSA), reducing workflow processes for organizations.

The CONNECT feature allows users to easily and efficiently connect their data by scanning and uploading files to Cloud Services instantly such as Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft Team, and more. This enables all concerned parties to access work files from the Cloud anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, it also provides Virtual Network Connecting (VNC) software, which comes with every model of Sharp multi-function printer which equipped with a touchscreen display. In case the printers have any technical problems, technicians can remotely control and troubleshoot the device, eliminating the need for travel.

On the SECURE aspect, our products are equipped with a security system that can detect viruses during usage. For example, if a virus is detected while using a printer, a pop-up alert will appear on the touchscreen for maximum security.

Mr. Shuhei also mentioned that based on various information, including government policies and concrete evidence of foreign direct investments, it is evident that the situation is favorable. For example, BYD, a leading Chinese electric car manufacturer, has decided to purchase 600 acres of land from WHA Group to invest in establishing an electric car manufacturing plant and export 150,000 units per year. Additionally, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a major cloud service provider under Amazon, has made a significant investment decision in Thailand by establishing a Cloud Region and preparing for long-term investments worth nearly two hundred billion baht. These initiatives align with the major policy of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), which aims to develop the EEC as a model for sustainable development, bringing hope to the Thai people and attracting both domestic and international investors. Moreover, the EEC sets a target to generate 2.2 trillion baht in revenue within 5 years (2022-2027) by focusing on investing in five clusters of targeted industries, which include medical and healthcare, digital innovation and electronics, automotive, the BCG economy, and services.

“These factors contribute to the company’s confidence in the economic growth potential of this region,” said Mr. Shuhei. “Additionally, with the high demand for electronic office products, Sharp Thai and Sharp Business Solution (SDBS) can certainly expand their markets and achieve their set goals.”