Sharp Thai and Scope Langsuan partner to enhance the modern lifestyle by Showcasing AQUOS XLED TV and Purefit Air Purifier.

Mr. Yongyut Chaipromprasit, Chief Executive Officer of Scope Co.Ltd, (Left), and Mr Shuhei Arai, Sharp Thai’s Managing Director (Right)

Sharp Thai Delivers the Ultimate Premium Experience with its Latest Flagship Products “AQUOS XLED TV” and the Newly-Released “Purefit” Air Purifier. Both Products are Making their Debut in Thailand, Exclusively for Customers of the “Scope Langsuan” Ultimate-Class Condominium Project


Mr Shuhei Arai, Sharp Thai’s Managing Director, said that for over 111 years, Sharp has been a pioneer in creating technology that enhances the life experiences of people from all walks of life. Today, Sharp has become a world-renowned brand of electrical appliances and electronic products. Recently, the company joined forces with “Scope Langsuan”, the ultimate-class condominium project which boasts unparalleled features in every aspect and has recently broken the record for penthouses with the highest price in Thailand, reaching one million baht per square meter. To provide an ultra-luxury technological lifestyle experience for the customers of the “Scope Langsuan” project, Sharp has introduced its latest flagship products: “Sharp AQUOS XLED TV” and “Purefit Air Purifier.”

The latest “AQUOS XLED TV” model from Sharp has recently received the prestigious ‘iF Design Award’.  It comes with the latest Xtreme Mini LED technology which combines the sharpness and brightness of LCD TVs and the vibrant colors of OLED TVs, creating vivid and lifelike images that fit well with the “True to Life” slogan. Furthermore, it offers fast motion pictures with exceptional clarity at a 4K resolution and a 120Hz frequency, allowing an enjoyable viewing experience for numerous content and gaming with smooth, uninterrupted visuals.

Aside from vivid image quality, AQOUS XLED TV is also equipped with an exceptional sound system, featuring 11 surround speakers, with a total output of 85 watts. It also supports the Dolby Atmos system, providing a multidimensional audio experience from all directions. This is ideal for those who are passionate about cutting-edge audiovisual technology.

The “Purefit Air Purifier” is the latest air purifier model from Sharp, designed to seamlessly blend with various styles of living spaces under the concept of “Furniture Design.” Its exceptional ‘fit-to-wall’ design provides ample room for a more spacious lifestyle. Thailand is the first country in the world to officially debut this product. This latest model of air purifier is equipped with ‘Plasmacluster’ technology with a high density of up to 25,000 ions per cubic centimeter. It also comes up with a unique double-side suction system to purify the air more efficiently. Moreover, Purefit Air Purifier also features a ‘Coanada Air Flow,’ covering an area of up to 84 square meters, which allows more effective clean air diffusion. It is convenient to use with effortless control and monitoring via the SHARP Air mobile application.
“With exceptional quality and beautiful product design, the new “AQUOS XLED TV” and the “Purefit Air Purifier” are currently on display in the lobby area and showroom of the “Scope Langsuan” project. They offer an opportunity for those with a passion for cutting-edge lifestyle technology to experience an enriched life through the latest world-class innovations from Sharp within the genuine ultimate-class condominium,” said Mr. Shuhei.

Mr. Yongyutt Chaipromprasith, Chief Executive Officer of Scope Co.Ltd, said “Our collaboration with Sharp aims to deliver an unparalleled lifestyle experience for the residents of the ‘Scope Langsuan’ project, an ultimate-class condominium development project meticulously crafted under the concept of ‘THE SENSORY OF FINEST LIFE.’ This concept caters to the tastes and lifestyles of sophisticated homeowners who are attentive to details. Sharp’s electrical and electronic products are renowned for their craftsmanship, emphasizing quality, functionality, and elegant design. This aligns perfectly with the development philosophy of ‘Scope Langsuan,’ which is dedicated to creating the ultimate residential and lifestyle experience and representing the epitome of luxurious living for its residents.

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