BMA Organizes the “Showcase of Creative Products of Bangkok” under the “Made in Bangkok ” Project. The event features 100 innovative products and services that reflect the uniqueness of Bangkok.

The Office for Career Promotion, under the Social Development Department of Bangkok, is organizing the “Showcase of Creative Products of Bangkok: Made in Bangkok Product and Service Development Project.” Approximately 100 products and services, reflecting the unique identities of all 50 districts in Bangkok, will be featured. The event aims to strengthen grassroots communities in line with the creative economy policy and showcase the best products of Bangkok to the world. Interested individuals are invited to join the event, held from June 28-30, at Paradise Park Shopping Center. Deputy Bangkok Governor Mr. Sanon Wangsrangboon will preside over the event and present certificates to the participating entrepreneurs and communities.


Mr. Sanon Wangsrangboon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, stated that Bangkok is a city rich in cultural diversity, blending heritage wisdom with modernity, and reflecting Thai identity. The city boasts many interesting products and services across various communities in its 50 districts, all of which have the potential to expand into broader markets. This aligns with the creative economy policy aimed at improving the quality of life for people and strengthening grassroots communities, ultimately leading to sustainable economic growth.

The “Made in Bangkok ” product and service development project is part of the 20-year Bangkok Development Plan (2018-2037), which focuses on transforming Bangkok into a metropolis of economy and learning, as well as a city of business and investment opportunities. The goal is to enhance the quality of products and services, elevate Bangkok’s products, and further establish the city as a hub of the creative economy and learning.

“Made in Bangkok products and services will communicate the identity of Bangkok to promote investment and tourism. As Bangkok is a top destination for tourists worldwide, this event presents a great opportunity for everyone to appreciate the city’s unique identity through 100 products and services from 50 districts gathered here,” said Mr. Sanon

Mr. Saenyakorn Unmeesri, Director of Bangkok’s Social Development Department, stated that the department is committed to promoting and supporting community development in all dimensions, including physical, environmental, economic, and social aspects. The goal is to enhance human capital, community capital, and social capital, as well as to foster the formation and collaboration of various groups within the community, leading to comprehensive development in all areas.

The “Made in Bangkok “ product and service development project is being carried out under the policy of Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt. It aims to enhance the potential of products and services in various communities across Bangkok, attracting broad market interest and generating community pride. The project focuses on maintaining consistent quality and standards to present a positive image of Bangkok and to sustainably improve the well-being of its residents.

As part of the “Made in Bangkok ” product and service development project, the Office for Career Promotion under the Social Development Department of Bangkok has deployed teams and experts in various fields to survey the readiness and potential of products and services in communities throughout Bangkok. The aim is to develop and enhance these into creative products. Currently, there are 100 creative products and services under the “Made in Bangkok” brand from 50 districts.

The “Made in Bangkok: Creative Products of Bangkok” exhibition showcases 100 products and services from various communities across 50 districts. Each item creatively reflects different aspects of Bangkok’s unique identity, developed collaboratively with community members. These products are modern, practical, and aligned with the lifestyle of the younger generation, making them marketable both online and offline. The exhibition includes five categories of products and services: 1. food and beverages, 2. clothing and apparel, 3. household items, decorations, and souvenirs, 4. non-food herbs, and 5. various services. Such as Baan Krua traditional Thai silk, teakwood handicrafts, Nilawanno gems & jewelry, Krachaeng boat model, Thai Ratchathewi royal barge model, BRONZECRAFT gold-inlaid stone, PANIDAR  Rachawadi amulet, Nagarajapura Naga sculptures and handicrafts for rent and worship, Thai pallets, Thai wooden clocks and Thai elephant figurines, etc.

It is expected that this event will expand awareness of the products and services in the “Made in Bangkok” project, helping to increase income for small entrepreneurs in various communities. This will also create connections to local tourism, stimulating sustainable growth in the grassroots economy.

Interested persons are invited to visit the “Showcase of Creative Products of Bangkok, Made in Bangkok project”, from 28 – 30 June 2024, from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM. The event will be held on Level 1 at Royal Park Plaza, as well as in the Lifestyle Space at Paradise Park Shopping Center. For more details, please visit Facebook: MIB-Made in Bangkok.