Mars Petcare unveils the ‘SWAP Recycling’ Program Year 4.

Mr. Ratchakorn Chenpattanapong

In celebration of winning the FMCG Asia Award 2023 for the Eco-Friendly Initiative of the Year through the ‘SWAP Recycling’ Campaign, Mars Petcare Thailand, a leading pet food producer, kicks off the fourth year of the ‘SWAP Recycling’ Program today. This initiative aims to encourage pet parents to return empty packages of dry or wet pet food from Mars Petcare’s brands for recycling. Participants also get a chance to win prizes in a series of lucky draws, valued at over 2.4 million baht.


Mr. Ratchakorn Chenpattanapong, General Manager for Mars Petcare Thailand and Indochina, stated “Mars Petcare observes a significant shift in Thai consumers’ behavior towards sustainability, plastic waste, and environmental concerns. This trend has become more evident, especially after 3 years of the company’s ‘SWAP Recycling’ Program, demonstrating Mars’ dedication to sustainability and its vision of a future where plastic packaging doesn’t end up as waste but rather is recycled, reused or composted.”

In appreciation of pet parents’ nationwide participation and to celebrate the FMCG Asia Award 2023 for Eco-Friendly Initiative of the Year for the ‘SWAP Recycling’ Program, Mars Petcare Thailand will initiate a four-month campaign, offering numerous chances to win eco-friendly prizes. Pet parents who purchase a package of pet food from Mars Petcare brands such as PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS®, IAMS™, CESAR®, SHEBA®, or TEMPTATIONS™, including plant-based litter for cats under the CATSAN™ label between March 1st and June 30th, 2024, will be entered for a chance to win grand prizes, including a BYD electric vehicle, electric motorcycles, gold bars, gold chains, and various electrical appliances.

To participate in the four monthly lucky draws, offering more than 700 prizes valued at over 2.4 million Baht, pet parents can either send an empty plastic bag along with their names and addresses to P.O. Box 11, Phasi Charoen Post Office, Bangkok 10160 or drop it in the designated box at participating stores. These lucky draws will occur monthly from April to July this year. For more details, visit us on Facebook: Whiskas Thailand, Line Official Account: Pet Parent Club, and promotional media at leading stores nationwide.

The plastic bags gathered from the fourth-year campaign will be recycled and transformed into bone-shaped benches. These benches will be donated to decorate a dog park at Chaloem Phrakiat 82 Phansa Park in Chiang Mai. By extending our campaign efforts beyond Bangkok to the Chiang Mai dog park this year, we aim to benefit pet parents residing in the northern region.

“We anticipate that the fourth year of the ‘SWAP Recycling’ Program will receive an enthusiastic response from pet parents and will succeed in reducing more plastic waste, contributing to the creation of a better world for both our planet and our pets,” Mr. Ratchakorn said.