Mars Petcare Thailand makes Better Cities for Pets Collab with BMA to renovate BMA Dog Park Watcharapirom and build a pet-friendly environment

Mars Petcare (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is moving forward to build a friendly environment for pets in Bangkok under the “Better Cities for Pets” Project. Through a partnership with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the BMA Dog Park Wacharapirom in Raminthra is renovated to create a more pet-friendly environment.


Mars Petcare Thailand, a leader in serving the nutrition and health needs of pets, aims to create a Better World for Pets, a world where every pet is healthy, happy, and welcome since we believe that pets make our world a better place. Mars Petcare consequently intends to create an environment and places that are pet-friendly and accommodating.

Mr.Ratchakorn Chenpattanapong, General Manager for Mars Petcare Thailand and Indochina, said: “We want every pet to be healthy, live longer, and be happy in a pet-friendly community. When dogs have a place to run and play, it can help keep them healthy, reduce anxiety or boredom and stimulate their minds. The Better Cities for Pets project was created in Bangkok to help more pets have access to the public park and more pet owners get the benefits of time spent with pets in a pet-friendly park, as well as encourage responsible practices.

Mars Petcare and the BMA have a common goal: to provide pet-friendly environments focused on the well-being of pets. This led to the collaboration to renovate the BMA Dog Park Watcharapirom in the Raminthra area as a pilot project to promote outdoor activities for pets and pet owners.”

Mr.Pornphrom Vikitsreth, Advisor to Governor of Bangkok – Environment Affairs, noted that Bangkok Governor aims to develop Bangkok as a livable city for all. And building a pet-friendly environment is one of his policies to enhance living quality for urban people and this aligns with The Better Cities for Pets project by Mars Petcare since it helps to create a better environment, improve the well-being of pets, and attract more people to visit the park as a leisure destination. Moreover, the project encourages responsible pet ownership in the community. Consequently, BMA is supporting Mars Petcare to renovate the BMA Dog Park Watcharapirom for a pilot project.

“BMA would like to thank Mars Petcare for their commitment to creating a pet-friendly park and foster interactions among pets, pet owners and communities. I hope that the new face of Watcharapirom’s BMA Dog Park will welcome pets and pet owners to relax and enjoy various activities together,” Mr.Pornphrom said.

The renovation of the BMA Dog Park Watcharapirom includes new educational signages in the park to provide instruction for pet owners to take care of their pets and to encourage responsible pet ownership practices in a public park, painting and repairing pet playground equipment, adding new obstacles in big and small dog areas, and adding basic pet amenities such as pet waste and hydration stations and bone benches from the recycled pet food bags of the “SWAP Recycling” project that aims to reduce and recycle plastic waste. The handover ceremony was organized yesterday, featuring booths exhibiting different Mars pet food brands such as Pedigree, Cesar, and IAMS. Veterinarians were invited to educate pet owners.

“Mars Petcare will continue its work on the Better Cities for Pets Project for many years to come to promote a warm welcome for pets in the parks while supporting the BMA to build more pet-friendly parks in the future.,” added Mr.Rachakorn.