Dictatorship must end Bring back democracy!! “Ung Ing” demands 14 million votes for Pheu Thai Party back.

Ms. Phaetongtarn Shinawatra, chairman of the Pheu Thai Party

“Phae Thong Than” announced aggressively, asking for 14 million votes of Puea Thai back. Top candidates for Prime Minister’s candidacy Ready to go forward and fight, saying that dictatorship must be gone, Thailand should be 100% democracy. Will Thaksin come back or not? It’s not important. Let’s focus on Thai people first


Ms. Phaetongtarn Shinawatra, chairman of the Pheu Thai Party’s Advisory Committee on Participation and Innovation, said after traveling to Udon Thani province with members of the Pheu Thai Party. and the launch of the Family for Thai project by stating that part “If there is an opportunity to be a leader to form a government in order to produce good policies to solve people’s problems and economic problems because what the party has proposed has come true The party has personnel to push good policies for the nation. and it is necessary to establish a government Dictatorship must end Although this may seem like a distant matter. but not too far It is believed that it is true and that full democracy must be brought back. Thailand should be 100% democratic, thinking that an organized government must be elected and the decisions of the people. And I still don’t think how much Pheu Thai Party will get MPs, but ask for more votes and bring back the 14 million votes of the party that had previously won.

Ms. Phaethongtarn and Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister that “father

In addition, Ms. Phaethongtarn also identified her father, Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister that “father wants to come back to raise his grandchildren. It has nothing to do with the Pheu Thai Party. Since childhood, he consulted his father on everything. because it is a family matter As for the father will be able to return to the country or not. It’s not the main thing But the main problem now is the economic problem. not a family problem which should focus there Confirm that everyone in the family is encouraged.