What happen in Thailand

After Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth using serious emergency laws to control Protesters, latest Several were injured from Break up the rally breakdown of police rallies.


Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, signed the announcement of a serious emergency in the Bangkok area. Specify the details is a number of individuals have invited, inciting and conducting unlawful public gatherings. Using various methods and channels Causing chaos and unrest of the people There are actions that affect the royal procession There are reasonable grounds to believe that an act of violence affects the security of the State. Life safety Or property of the state or person Which is not a peaceful assembly that has been certified by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister

It also directly impacts the achievement of the COVID-19 epidemic control measure, which directly affects the economic security of vulnerable countries. In the event it is imperative that urgent measures are needed. In order to resolve such cases to terminate effectively and promptly To comply with the law and to maintain order and common interests
By virtue of Section 5 and Section 11 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations of the year 1977. the Prime Minister therefore announces serious emergency situations in the area of Bangkok.

Oct. 14 Ratchadamnoen Road

Effective from 15 October 2020 from 04.00 AM.

Oct. 15 at the Ratchaprasong Intersection

Oct. 15 Pathumwan Intersection (CR:The Isaan Record)

Recent reports, from serious emergency law announcement. Signed by Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha after the dissolution mob surround the Government House area on October 14,this group of protester organize by ‘Khana Ratsadon 63’ .More than 20 leaders were arrested, This resulted in a series of demonstrations in the heart of Bangkok on Oct. 15 at the Ratchaprasong Intersection by referring to the enforcement of the said law
The next day a police officer Has blocked the area the protesters have to move to the assembly at Pathumwan Intersection, And Collision between police and protesters. Many protesters against the authoritarian government were injured. The police used chemical water. Injected into the assembly Most of the injured were youth at the secondary level.