Bank of Thailand reject on foreign money exchange which mention “The Measure of BOT.” Traveling Panic?

After disorder in Don Mueang International Airport about the services for foreign traveler that have been wait for a queue to entry the country which that created a lot of miss understanding issue into the country as well.


After the traveler of the country around Persian Gulf have been shock that they cannot use their own passport to transfer Thai money that is because of BOT mention the measure of sanction which affect directly to the boycott countries.

Too much disorder, what will happen, should ask the BOT how much it truth? This measure has been allowed by BOT really? And why should have it?
Mr. Veerathai Santiprabhob, Director of BOT specify that “he does not know about reject on foreign money exchange and he said that nothing command now about this issue because he does not know the details yet. However, there also have a measure that each bank use to follow on action about the countries issue or sanction countries. As a Iran is not call as sanction country but it is individual sanction that related with government, which need to find out the true about name in the list to see how they related because there have a criterion of United Nations that need to followed.

Although the answer still confuses and not clear about the details of this issue for BOT but chaos already been trouble.


By the traveler that come with Iran Tour have been rejected to exchange foreign money from the bank in the airport, this issue was confirm by Dr.Lerpong Sayid or President of Thai-Iran Students Association.

ดร.เลอพงษ์ ซาร์ยีด นายกสมาคมนักเรียนเก่าไทย-อิหร่าน

Also posted on his personal Facebook about to blame the measure of BOT that was a terrible direction ever which it destroys the opportunities of economic development between Thailand and Iran because of the boycott measure that Thailand cannot do any financial transactions with Iran. According to the issue, “it destroys the opportunities of economic development between Thailand and Iran enormously” which specifically on Thai rice export, rubber, sugar and other processed goods that was get stuck down over 7 years. The Government Prayuth Chan-o-cha have well done on connected the relationship between Iran to be back in terms of export customer by sending Vice President Somkid to explain the situation. Now Iran will purchase Two Hundred Thousand Ton of Thai Rice and Seventy Thousands of Rubber Trees which Thailand have already sent the first lot of Thai rice about One Hundred Thousand Ton to Iran and the rest is still working in process, but the process of purchasing still need to rely on the third countries to find out the way of payment.

Nevertheless, nowadays BOT was more terrible which injunction all Thai Bank not to give an exchange money with Iranian, while the main country income is come from the traveling. In each year Iranian come to travel in Thailand around One hundred and fifty thousand till Two hundred thousand peoples and also have a direct flight from Iran to Thailand which one of them are Thai Airways. Many of firms have been contact after the Iranian traveler pass the immigration most of them going directly to bank exchange counter to exchange money, but appears that the authorities refused the money exchanged.

Moreover, people are creating a question to Thai Government and BOT that how can the traveler come to Thailand if they were refused the money exchange? While Thailand now have a good relationship with Iran because we have a cooperate in the variety things such as exchange of high representative to each other but it looks as government and BOT now have a different measure. If BOT can be pressuring Iranian like that and the government cannot find the solution to solve this problem, why not propose to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cancel Thai Visa for Iranian or if the government can solve this problem finally, they should talk with director of BOT as soon as possible because of 187 countries is a member of World Bank and more than half of them are doing financial transactions with Iran which they have a good relationship to each as well. On the other hand, the Iran traveler never face the terrible situation like this, thus Thailand should find the way to avoid the rules from United State of America as a many countries around the world. As you know, the director of BOT should make a decision again before losing an opportunities and alliance that have a long term relationship with Thailand for 465 years.

Therefore, “news agency SBN” have been ask booking ticket firm in Pattaya, they confirm that the number of Iranian traveler and neighborhood country of Iran come to travel in Thailand over ten thousand people a years and spend money more than thousand million THB, but after face this problem Thailand will be losing a lot of number of traveler and it including the country income as well.

It come together with the question that? if this measure is real it will include the traveler from Qatar, Russia and North Korea or not? If it the number of traveler in those 3 countries which is Qatar, Iran and Russia are how much? It is effect to Thai economy or not?

The question from this situation make the government of Thailand have to think about how to answer with have least disadvantage to the country? Come to travel but cannot exchange the money? Than how to find the solution? Thailand does not have a conflict about the sanction, there is the conflict in Western Country it is terrible enough? For the last question is the question from the Tour Investors?

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