New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand, Taha Macpherson

In a first for Thailand, Payayen Dairy has secured world-leading dairy farm automation technology from New Zealand for a new dairy farm in Lopburi.


Waikato Milking Systems will supply a rotary milking system that will make Payayen’s dairy operations in Pattananikom district the most advanced in Thailand.

Payayen Dairy Co. Ltd will receive the first rotary platform in the country, allowing the farm to take up to 1,000 dairy cows by the middle of next year – far more than the average farm size of around 50 dairy cows.

The deal was formalised today by Payayen Dairy Co. Ltd, Waikato Milking Systems Limited (WMS), and distributor, Dairy Hub Supply Chain at an event held at the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok. It was witnessed by the New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand, Taha Macpherson, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) Trade Commissioner to Thailand, Ryan Freer, Grant Wisnewski from WMS, Sunantha Sutsiri from Dairy Hub Supply Chain Co, Ltd, and Chanasak Chumponanan, CEO of Payayen Dairy Co, Ltd.

The partnership highlights another example of a mutually beneficial agritech deal between New Zealand and Thailand, who are both known internationally for their food and beverages exports.

Some of the specialist skills New Zealand agritech is able to offer the Thai dairy industry include efficiency through automation, proficiency with large scale dairy farming, first class animal welfare practices, and enhanced environmental sustainability.

Waikato Milking Systems General Manager Sales and Operations, Grant Wisnewski said the Orbit Rotary parlour offers a state-of-the-art environment for Payayen Dairy Co to maximise both herd and staff health and welfare.

“Our rotary milking technology makes life easier for the operator and for the animals, providing a much calmer and enjoyable work environment. This is not only better for the cows’ quality of life, but results in an improved milk quality and volumes.”

“The rotary milking system for Payayen Farm comes with automation technology to reduce labour and produce data on each cow’s milking performance, to enable us to make better long-term management decisions for the herd,” said Panyayen Dairy Managing Director Mr Anon Chumpon-anan.

“This partnership between Payayen Dairy Co. Ltd and Waikato Milking Systems Limited is an exciting example of the scope for our countries to work together in the increasingly significant food production industry, said NZTE Trade Commissioner to Thailand, Ryan Freer.

“There is great potential for Thai dairy farms to benefit from many of the world-leading innovations that New Zealand’s primary industries reputation is built on, including the opportunity to produce and export at scale, while reducing impact to the environment.”

Thailand imports agritech goods and services from New Zealand to the value of 250 million baht each year, making the partnership a modest but growing area for both countries. Thailand and New Zealand share many interests and challenges in dairy farming, an industry that contributes 23.7 billion baht to Thailand’s GDP.

Waikato Milking Systems is a leading developer, manufacturer and exporter of agri-technology to all the major dairying markets of the world, earning a reputation for innovation and excellence in dairying, animal welfare, food production and environmental sustainability