“Secret Operations at Wuhan Conspiracy!”

This is a matter at the medical institution Institute of Epidemiology and the Institute of Military Research on Pathogen Weapon Of China was broadcast in this VDO.


According to the Corona virus epidemic in early January 2020 in Wuhan, China, a team of doctors – scientists – researchers both of the Ministry of Public Health – Office of Epidemiological Control – and Chinese Military Research Institute rushing to find the cause of this epidemic how is it possible that this Corona virus will come outside of the lab? All three of these key divisions have revealed a terrifying secret

  1. There have been 4 protein changes in the structure of Corona (hereinafter referred to as S-protein) virus species found at Wuhan, with the intention of Corona virus to modify this species. It is appropriate to be able to attack the genes of Chinese people better.
  2. There are reports of research findings from the Chinese agencies. Summary confirms “It is almost impossible that the new Corona virus outbreak Wuhan species will naturally occur.”
  3. On January 21, 2020, 3 researchers *** (see names of the three researchers below) from different institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of China jointly published their research in English in the journal “Science China Life Sciences”; (online journal in English) revealed the truth of the cause of the Corona virus outbreak in order to give a scientific explanation of evolution – the cause – and the epidemic in the people of the Corona virus species (Wuhan: Wuhan novel Cora a virus).
  4. All three researchers have found out that in the structure of Co V’s, a significant protein unit (4 interface amino acid residues) has been changed. In order to be able to better attach to human ACE2 cells (Meaning better attacking a person’s body
  1. All three researchers shocked when found comparing two viruses, SAR S-protein and Wuhan CoV’s-protein, even though CoV’s with 4 amino acids (positions) have been replaced (changed), it has no significant effect on their overall (structural) structure. Dimensions indicating the form (slender / ribbon) back almost the same! ** (The 3-D structures identified in the RBD domain are almost identical.)
  2. Therefore, it is not surprising that the appearance of CoV’s and SARS is very similar, causing people (doctors and scientists) to think that Wuhan CoV’s infection is SARS. These three researchers want to point out that changing the four positions in the structure of the protein (s-protein) will allow Wuhan CoV’s to better attach to the ACE2 – molecule. This is why it makes it better to attack the upper passages of people. And will make the spread of it from the infection easily possible – mouth – fast.
  3. These findings helping China to deal with the spread of Wuhan CoV’s this time correctly.
    1. We, Chinese scientists, believe that deliberately fixing 4 S-protein in the structure of Wuhan CoV’s is intended to allow doctors and Chinese people to distinguish these 2 infections from being different; lost diagnosis that it is SARS, which is not a plan for treating it wrong (with the same treatment as SARS), hoping for (to suppress) long-lasting treatment to allow the infection to have more time to spread more widely.
    2. Bats and rats (goats, bamboos) are actually goats in the cause of this epidemic? Biotechnology.
    3. If Wuhan CoV’s is naturally mutated with up to 4 s-protein changes in the structure


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