CURAPROX,’oral care products from Switzerland market in Thailand

Mr. Ekasit Nonsi, Managing Director of BASEC Care Co., Ltd.

‘CURAPROX,’ premium-made oral care products from Switzerland tap into the oral care product market in Thailand after rising popularity, hoping to double sales growth by the end of 2018.


Mr. Ekasit Nonsi, Managing Director of BASEC Care Co., Ltd., the sole authorized distributor of CURAPROX, the premium oral care brand from Switzerland, revealed that the 20 billion baht market of oral health care products in Thailand has grown continuously over the past 3 years, with a possibility of increasing by 5% by the end of this year. The company recognizes a market opportunity in this trend and, therefore, imports CURAPROX products which have already been marketed in more than 60 countries around the world and are well received by discerning consumers who focus on disease prevention with outstanding products invented and developed by dentists.

“CURAPROX products are created to support the work of dentistry as their main priority. This concept is reflected in every product of the brand whether a toothbrush or toothpaste. CURAPROX products, therefore, can meet the needs of consumers in all groups of treatment. According to a survey, over 50 percent of Thais have experienced gum diseases and tooth decays due to the consumption of flour and sugar, the lack of proper understanding of oral health care practices, and misconceptions in selecting oral health care products. This is a gap in the oral care market and becomes an opportunity for CURAPROX to fill in not just as an oral care brand but also as products that support preventive dentistry, and disseminate accurate knowledge through specialists and dental care providers in dental clinics and other selling channels in the market. This ensures that the right principles and information and quality equipment are delivered to consumers to help them battle oral diseases, and change the behavior of oral health care practices in the long term,” added Mr. Ekasit

CURAPROX products are invented and developed by dentists to assist the treatment of each specific oral disease (treatment based products) so that consumers can take care of their oral health effectively just like being treated by a dentist. The products are also perfect the target consumers who are thorough in selecting products and see the importance to the brand’s background and wish to protect their health.

A highlight of the CURAPROX toothpaste is the absence of allergenic compounds or dangerous substances that pose long-term health risks, foaming substances, SLS, gluten, preservatives, paraben, and Triclosan. Instead, it contains natural enzymes that stimulate the body’s

natural anti-bacterial mechanism, called the Lactoperoxidase System, which slows down and counteracts the growth of bad bacteria that cause oral diseases. It is rich in fluoride, which is the main purpose of many toothpaste users. CURAPROX encourages the practice of dry brushing to increase the effectiveness of tooth decay prevention. The product is suitable for users with all types of oral conditions and in all treatment groups, even for those who wear braces, patients with oral wound, sensitive users, and for general users.

CURAPROX toothpaste is available in three versions: 1. CURAPROX Enzycal, anti-bacterial toothpaste for 350 baht, 2. CURAPROX Black is White and CURAPROX White is Black, premium charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste which come with a toothbrush designed to help remove discoloration for 1,100 baht per set, and 3. BEYOU toothpaste, to make teeth brushing more fun with the CS5460 Ultra Soft toothbrush for 795 baht per set. To purchase the product, either visit the website to make an online order or for those who prefer an offline channels, visit specialty retailers such as hospitals or dental clinics, and DragCura premium oral care shop to receive accurate and informed oral health advice from experts.

This is a communication tactic to send a message that CURAPROX aims to deliver different oral care experiences to Thai consumers and to help them truly understand the results. With all marketing efforts, new product launches, and communication activities, the company expects to see the sales double in 2018,” concluded Mr. Ekasit.

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